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commencement essay

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First of all thanks to the Institution for letting us continue with our professional carrier of our life, thanks to all my friends for supporting me in the good moments and in the bad moments, and thanks for letting me express my feelings to my generation.

This stage that we finished is only the beginning of our professional life; most of us are going to have a good job. It is necessary to try to love which we do. We have to enjoy our plans and our achievements.   We have to continue with the formation which we have received in our homes and in our Institute, to always act with responsibility, discipline, persistence and audacity; we cant never get surrender, we have to advance, without never losing the enthusiasm.  

By that I request all of you to know yourself well. Learn enough of the life. Raise your truths and your questions with transparency; do not close the door to anyone that asks for help, do not become distressed either. There are fears that are going to born inside you, sometimes, of the fatigue of the work. Finally all of us are unique.  

I take advantage of this speech to be thankful to our parents, that supported us during this phase of our life, that helped us to get up whenever we fell, that offered us their confidence and love, and that always, that they believed in us.  

To our teachers, who transmitted us, in the most suitable way, their knowledge, they gave us the weapons to face the great challenges of the life that will appear to us.  
And finally I gave my congratulations to each one of you companions, by this great goal in our lives; and we have to celebrate by this great success because we have finished the High School.     Thanks

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