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Common Internet Scams And How To Avoid Them Essay

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Common Internet Scams and How to Avoid Them
Lynn A. Gertz
Computer Literacy 103
Danika Geathers
April 5, 2009

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The internet is an incredibly useful tool to almost everyone in the United States.   Banking and shopping have been made easier.   Research and learning possibilities, for students, are almost unlimited.   We can meet new people and communicate with anyone in the world and stay closer to our loved ones. Unfortunately, along with the assets offered by the internet, comes the constant threat of being scammed out of our money and identities every time we open an internet connection.   Internet fraud is any scheme that uses email, websites, chat rooms, or other internet related means to commit fraudulent transactions.   Some of these schemes include identity theft, advance fee schemes, Nigerian letter fraud, reshipping schemes, charities fraud, Prime bank not schemes, letter of credit fraud, debt elimination scams, and job scams.   All of these schemes are for one purpose only; to steal money from people.   Some people are more vulnerable than others. But, everyone, that uses the internet, needs to be aware of these scams and how to protect themselves from becoming a victim.
The most reported internet offense is auction fraud. This type of fraud occurs when a seller displays merchandise on an online auction site, such as EBay, but fails to ship the merchandise to the winning bidder who has already paid for it. Ways to avoid this scam include: finding out what the sellers obligations are before bidding, learning as much as possible about the seller, what type of payment is required by the seller, determining the merchandise delivery date and method of shipment and finding out if the merchandise is covered by any warranties.   Finding out where the seller lives and where the merchandise is being shipped from is very important because of the difference in laws for locations outside the United States.   With any...

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