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Common Sense And Science Essay

  • Submitted by: brina3
  • on December 6, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
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AAP3: Anderson.S

This is a paper of an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of this author’s effort at scholarly writing and an assessment of the paragraph in terms of bias, opinion, quality of evidence, and appropriateness to its target audience. 
“One of the great breakthroughs in the past 50 years has been the widespread availability of the personal computer. This powerful learning tool has revolutionized everything from commerce to education and changed the very way everyone conducts his or her daily lives. And most notably, where only a few years ago people wrote about the “ digital divide” between those who could afford computers and those who could not, there is almost no discussion along these lines any longer. And, in fact, why would there be? Poor people can now save enough to buy their families a computer for home and school use. In fact, an article in Business Week in 2001 estimated that more than 80% of all high school students were “plugged in.” Provided by Walden University Faculty: Dr. White.
  In reference to Zuckerman, J. (2009) scholarly writing is written for a specific purpose to a specific audience such as lawyers, doctors, or Instructors.  It is objective and must be “Clear, concise, and mechanically correct.  It is written in a way that is accepted and understood by the intended audience.” 
  According to Zuckerman (2009) experience can color our objectivity however I do not agree with this becoming self aware is part of the process in becoming a mental health counselor so if you take the time to become self-aware then your experiences will not color your objectivity.   As scholarly writers we need to look at scholarly writing as an opportunity to find out the truth of something(s) that we do not already know (study note).
  When I read this article for the tenth time taking notes along the way I realized this article was not following the structure of scholarly writing.   In the first two sentences of the paragraph the author...

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