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Communication Analysis: Reflection and Evaluation

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Communication Analysis: Reflection and Evaluation
University of Phoenix

Communication Analysis: Reflection and Evaluation
Organizational Communication analysis is an effective tool in reflection and evaluating. Successful assessments are re-evaluated and methods reflected upon. Each organization that is successful is in a constant state of re-invention and change. Methodology, sound reasoning, and new ideas are part of a process in continuing to be a successful organization. Some areas are essential in the organization. People, tasks, and systems are part of the whole for success. To become a successful business, each piece incorporates into another to form and bind structure.
The People
Employees within all levels of an organization have differences. Cultures, race, religion, and beliefs when raised are part of each person’s characteristics. Employees learn in different manners and some methods work easier than others.
Bloom’s taxonomy for cognitive learning has six basic steps. The first step for the trainer is to have a basic plan, evaluate and determine the learning criteria and value. For each set of learning materials list the strengths and weaknesses for analysis. During the analysis, the trainer can decide if new materials need to be created based upon the training criteria and factual information. Break the information into separate parts and analyze components to look for interrelationships. Use the information to solve problems in demonstrations to help trainees relate the details in context. Role playing is another method to ensure the new information is retained by trainees. Determine how this information was learned originally and what types of changes have occurred with technology. Analyze different methods of training and how it will be understood by trainees. Recall important facts, definitions, dates, and names during presentations to aid in employee retention (Beebe, S., Mottet, T., Roach, K., 2004, Ch. 6)....

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