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Communication Process Essay

  • Submitted by: shawnjones32
  • on February 26, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Running head: Organizational Behavior and Management

Communication Process

Shawn Jones
University of Phoenix
Nicolas Barbella, MS, CPM
30 January 2011


The importance in being able to effectively communicate with others is the importance of our daily lives. We all participate in some process of communication, yet everyone does not know how to communicate well. In this paper I will explain how communication is a process involving the encoding and decoding of messages being sent and received by a source and receiver, especially in an organization. There are many different ways that messages are sent through a number of channels, such as in person (face-to-face), electronic mail (e-mail), or telephone.   In an organization or in our personal lives, depending on the channel that is used to communicate a message, it may allow for the communication to be transactional or unilateral. This takes place within a certain context, it also include noise factors, such as cultural differences or physical (body language) gestures, which could damage the effectiveness of the message(s) being communicated.

Communication Process

      In my opening, in Organizational Behavior (2005), John Schermerhorn wrote that it is useful to think of communication as a process of sending and receiving messages with attached meanings. I am not in a criminal justice organization, but the place in which I work does not practice effective communication at all. To describe the climate of communication would be, cloudy with all possibilities of a thunderstorm. There is building managers that are involved with the employees daily, who could communicate more clear so that the employees are informed of the daily requirement(s). The climate of the organization as a whole is very ineffective, it is like that at the main office and it trickles from the top on down. It seems as though this organization has no expectations and does not reward those who try to take the...

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