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Communucation Style Essay

  • Submitted by: jlozano18
  • on March 3, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Jacob Lozano
SOC. 121 Human Relations
Ms. Jones
January 29, 2011
Communication style
As I read in chapter three and found out what is my communication style. My communication style is supportive style. A supportive style is a person who possess this style tend to be cooperative, patient, and attentive. I could relate and apply the characteristics in the supportive style, like making and expressing decisions in a thoughtful, deliberant manner and listen attentively. Why can I relate to the characteristic? Well when it comes to making decisions in a situation I rather keep low-key. For example last semester in one of our classes we had a project due, and when making a decision to whether how we going to do our projects I decided to stay low-key. Another example I am a listener, how? Well I been a youth pastor at my church for at least a year. Not only am I a youth pastor, but being a youth pastor you have to be a good listener has to know to listen to people’s opinion or people’s problems. Finding out that my communication style is supportive style, there is another communication style that applies to me and it is a director style, due to that been a youth pastor we also have to become direct and express strong opinion. The instances that show that im a director style also is that I have a serious attitude in projects, or that I could express my opinions strongly. This affects my supportive style because sometimes I use the power in which case in the supportive style we sometimes avoid the use of power.
  In my style of communication could have a strengths and weaknesses to them.   The strengths of them are that been a listener could help me get trust to people and it helps me learn and interact with people. The weaknesses of been a low-key on making decisions means that in some way I can’t become a leader or scared to express my opinion in a decision problem. An example of listing to people is, few weeks ago a teen at church was having problems at school, I...

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