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Compare And Contrast Essay

  • Submitted by: tymere08
  • on February 28, 2011
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Over the decades it is evident that today’s society is biased towards the role of women. Women are taught to be seen and never heard. Told to be submissive to their husbands.   Her main role in life is to teach her children standards, religion, and beliefs. This stereotypical view was evident in the movie, The Joy Luck Club, and the short story, Where I Come From Is Like This. Even though the ladies in these stories came from different nationalities, Chinese and Native American,   they had many similarities along with differences.
    *It was evident in both stories that is hard to combine two different cultures successfully. The Native American women found it a struggle to redefine themselves. They had to figure out a way to harmonize and integrate their traditional tribal lifestyle with a more modern flare. The Chinese women found out that it was impossible to translate one cultures standards to another. Also, both cultures understood the importance of storytelling. Native American believe that through the oral tradition help prevent the destruction of tribal ways. The Chinese mothers used storytelling   to overcome barriers and be able to communicate with their daughters. Also, both cultures used stories to define who they were as an individual. Both cultures also knew the importance of keeping up with tradition. They both knew tradition help them to secure who they were. The Native Americans kept up with traditions such as the oral tradition of telling stories. The Chinese women knew they had to keep up the tradition of the roles of marriage , how they had to maintain their dignity while marry and to remain loyal. In both stories, their was some sought of male domination. Man felt as though they were more superior to women and were afraid of women that showed some form of strength. Women was supposed to be obedient. They separated the women when they was on their menstruation due to...

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