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Compare and Contrast: Good Fellas and The Departed Essay

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  • on December 1, 2008
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Compare and Contrast

Good Fellas and The departed are both very entertaining movies about gangs and

crooked cops. These movies are very similair in the themes of the storylines. In most gang

related movies is a little rat or snitch. In both of these movies a theres a snitch that gets

messed up in the end. I guess the moto of these movies is what goes around comes

around. The storyline of both these movies are good with ups and downs which feels like

a roller coaster.

In Good Fellas there is a kid that wants to be a gangster like those that hang out

across the street from him. He gets a job with one of the handy men   of the main mob

guy. He starts off small and then works his way up the social gang ladder. At first hes

doing the dirty work of the gang like getting them drinks, bringing them food, making

phone calls and picking up letter for the gang. Basically he was the groupie that just

wanted to be with them doing what they do best, Steal. They would steal everything

and no one would say anything cause they would all get a piece. They would rob

airlines and pay off the guards and police. In a sense they had respect from everyone.

Even the cops were afriad of them. This storyline then develops a snitch in the end who

doesnt end up to well.

The departed on the other hand starts off with a kid that gets recruited by the

main guy who is just passing by and picking up some money. This new recruit was about

13 years old and then develops in to a man who signs up for the police department. His

job was to be the eyes and ears of the boss. Then, ironically, another persons job was

to join the gang of the guy who sent one of his own to the police force. These guys would

be so organized, which made them virtually uncatchable. If there was a trap set up to

catch the gang, the inside man would let them know what to do . For example, the

police were listening for any calls being made...

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