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Comparing Muscles Essay

  • Submitted by: terpliiw10
  • on December 9, 2008
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A new trend in the American automotive industry started last year. Domestic car companies relaunched some of their popular "muscle cars" from the past. Some did a good job and others didn't. When the predecessors of these new models were at their prime in the 60's and 70's, i wasn't even born yet, but my dad has been a big fan of these cars, so i think i know enough about them to compare them. Some people may not know the history behind these new cars, so by putting the new Ford Mustang GT and the new Dodge Charger R/T side by side with their older brothers, their differences and similarities will be easy to spot, this will prove which is the most authentic muscle car; the Charger or the Mustang.

When you come across a car, the exterior is what gives you the first impression. Many people think that Dodge made a mistake by putting four doors on it's 2005 model. It gives it a family sedan look, when it should've had only two doors like the older model. Even though the difference in doors would seem big, the car still retains many similarieties; like the kick-up in the rear door that recalls the old e-bodys from the 70's.

The Mustang is completely reminiscent of it's pony era version. From the front grill design, to it's rear fake gas cap in the center of the trunk lid. Its body has the same agressive muscle car look that it had in the 60's and 70s.

Looking at the interior of the Charger doesn't really excite the eyes much. Anyone who has ridden on any Dodge truck, or the Chrysler 300C will immedietly notice that the dash is the same. Dodge didn't put much effort into making the interior look retro, or different at all.

Big dual pod guages, with customizable colored backlight, are the perfect mix of the old school muscle car look, and new technology. The big guages also make the dashboard higher, not allowing you to see the front of the car, just like in the 60's. The lack of visibility isn't a good thing, but it helps with the overall resemblence of this...

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