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Comparion religions Essay

  • Submitted by: xsound91
  • on December 14, 2008
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There are many religions that are present in Asia now days. The two most oldest and dominant religions in that area of the world is Buddism and Hinduism. Although these two religions are very similar and originate from almost the same area, they are very different. Some similarities between these two religions are that both originated and were developed on the Indian soil, also both highlight compassion and non violence towards all living beings in its teaching. Some differences between these two religions are that Buddhism does not believe in the existence of souls or gods. Hinduism believe in the existence of Atman, that is the individual soul and Brahman, the Supreme Creator. Another difference is that Hinduism was not founded by any particular prophet, while Buddhism was founded by the Buddha.

Hinduism is a religion that is widely practiced throughout India and other south Asian countries. Hinduism is a religion that is followed by more than 650 million people in India. The word ‘Hindu’ was the name that was given to the people who lived east of the river Indus; it was not used to refer to the religion until later. Many Hindu’s still refer to their religious tradition as dharma. Dharma refers to the laws, duties, ideas of truth, and ethics. It is the equivalent word for religion. Hinduism believes in Karma, which is the idea of reincarnation. The only way to break free of this cycle of karma is to fulfill your duties that are in your own caste. The Caste systems in Hinduism define who you are in the world. Caste systems are made up of fiver different types, such as the Brahmins who are the highest caste they considered the intellectual and spiritual leaders. Next in the caste system is the Kshatriyas which are known as the born administrators. After the Kshatriyas is the Vaisyas which are the 2nd lowest caste in the system. The lowest caste is the Shudras which are seen as the laborers. Hindu’s believe that there is one main God which name is called...

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