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Comparison Essay

  • Submitted by: lilvinman3
  • on December 10, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Likes and Dislikes comparison Essay
I am going to be comparing my likes and dislikes, my likes happen to be Cadillac vehicles and my dislikes are airplanes.
Cadillac’s are smooth comfortable rides. When riding in a Cadillac one would know they are due to its soft seats, spacious room, and good suspension.   When riding in an airplane it is more than likely that the chance of hitting turbulence is more than likely. When in coach seats it is not spacious like it is in a Cadillac. The option of expanding your legs out of widening your leg spread option is just not there. And the sloth seats that barely recline back when riding for hours at a time don’t allow too much comfort when needed.
Airplanes may have Cadillac’s beat on time and speed. Planes can go up to hundreds of miles per hour when flying from location to location, therefore getting you to the desired location faster than cars and unless Cadillac comes out with hover cars this is always going to be the case. Cadillac’s don’t fly they are just vehicles driven on roads that have to deal with everyday traffic and stop lights where planes have the luxury of no traffic and open skies to soar through.
Airplanes are also cheaper in the long run because you may be paying a couple of hundreds of dollars in an airplane ticket, but you have to pay for gas in a car too and it would take much longer. But when it comes down to money you are paying for a plane ticket to get you from point A to point B. You are not buying a portion of the airplane. When buying a Cadillac you are paying the same couple of hundred of dollars monthly but at the end of your payments the car is yours to keep. So in my opinion it works out much better. Last but not least Cadillac’s are better because they stay on the ground! You don’t have to be tens of thousands of feet in the air to get to your location. I hate heights and Cadillac’s do not force me to do such things just to take a ride.
This is why to me Cadillac’s are better the...

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