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Competition Essay

  • Submitted by: ccoauhbtw7758
  • on November 3, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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In this world, in this society, all the evil out weighs the good, so therefore I chose 2 villains. My first character is Grendel from the tale Beowulf and my second is Stewie, from the comedy TV show, Family Guy. Grendel is a very powerful and hated villain who enjoys killing and Stewie is a 1 year old baby that wants to take over the world and wishes to kill his mother. I chose Stewie because in his show, he is absolutely hilarious and I find it comical that a one year old baby could be so dangerous and so into evil and demolition. However, Grendel and Stewie come from 2 different words. Grendel comes from a monstrous family, growing up with a monster mothers. Stewie on the other hand comes from a loving family, and has a loving mother, but in his head, all he wishes to do is kill her. Well, putting all that aside, in a world where anything is possible, Grendel and Stewie end up meeting, well for about 8 minutes. Stewie was on a mission to the center of the world, and as for Grendel, the center of the world is where he lives. Once Stewie encounters Grendel, he tricks Grendel into becoming his friend, because lets be real, what harm can a 1 year old do? Grendel takes Stewie on a tour of the castle, dungeon, and to the rest of his territory. While doing so, Stewie was planning to take over. After only about 7 minutes, Stewie manages to trick Grendel to walking straight into the dungeon. Once Grendel is trapped, Stewie orders the vultures to scratch and tear up Grendel. Then, Stewie had Westside wolves come in to rip out his insides and lay them on the cold, cement floor. Lastly, he calls out the dragons to burn the remains of Grendel and the ashes were use to cover up Grendels blood.

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