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Computer Essay

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1. What are the two major software types? 
A. System analysis software and data warehousing software
B. Operating system software and utilities software
C. System software and application software
D. Database management software and application software
2. Which of the following is a collection of programs rather than a single program? 
A. Procedures
B. System software
C. Hardware
D. Application software
3. "Background" software that allows the computer to work is called 
A. shareware
B. application software
C. desktop
D. system software
4. Identify the program that coordinates computer resources, provides an interface between users and the computer, and runs applications. 
A. Systems software
B. Operating system
C. Application software
D. Device driver
5. System software includes all of the following except 
A. Operating systems
B. Device drivers
C. Utilities
D. Browser
6. Desktop, media center, notebook, netbook, tablet PC, and handheld computers are classified as 
A. Mainframe computers
B. Supercomputers
C. Minicomputers
D. Microcomputers
7. The most widely used handheld computers are 
A. laptop computers
B. PDAs and smartphones
C. notebooks and netbooks
D. tablet PCs
8. This computer component holds data that is currently being processed. 
C. Bus
D. Ports
9. Identify the four basic categories of hardware in a microcomputer system. 
A. Hard disk, input/output, secondary storage, and display devices
B. System unit, input/output, secondary storage, and primary storage
C. System unit, input/output, secondary storage, and communication
D. System unit, modem, RAM, and microprocessor
10. The most common output devices are 
A. monitors and printers
B. DVD drives and monitors
C. speakers and printers
D. printers and DVD drives
11. Flash memory cards are a type of...

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