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Computer Generated Imagery Essay

  • Submitted by: cnelius314
  • on December 10, 2008
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Computer Generated Imagery
Facing annihilation, the Spartans stand strong in their phalanx at waiting for the Persians to make their first attack. Thousands of Persians charge at the Spartans with spears in their hands ready to break the defenses of King Leonidas and his faithful 300 at his back. The lines of soldiers’ crash together and bloodshed begins. Leonidas and his men push back the first wave of men but then more and more come. The battles are ruthless and men are shown being cut apart and beaten to death. Massive creatures and huge elephants march their way and are continually pushed back by the Spartans. They put up a relentless fight but they ultimately lose to the thousands of Persians. Leonidas’ efforts spark the country into war and the Persians end up facing defeat. During the movie however you sit back and watch the movie you are amazed by the sight of all these soldiers that fill the screen. The Persians take up miles and miles of land and appear to be the size of ants on a grand scale. How do they get so many actors to fill in for all these soldiers that Persia has at their disposal? Where would they get the money and amount of people even willing to do such a thing? They wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of this and that’s where technology is changing modern age film. Computer generated imagery is what made all this possible. The technology implemented in today’s modern film is beneficiary to all kinds of films.
The history of film begins somewhere around the year of 1895. It is not known who was the first to make a film, but we do know that around this time people began making small peep shows that people would watch. One example of an early movie was a man set up twelve cameras in a row that filmed a horse running by. To capture the movie he put each camera on a trigger and then showed the pictures in progression to make a film. It was mostly known as a form of art and had no sound. Motion pictures would lack sound until the early 1920s....

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