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Con Video Games Essay

  • Submitted by: arrueloc6912
  • on September 23, 2009
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Con Video Games
Video games are a wonderful pastime for children and adults everywhere. Video games are fun and cram packed with loads of action that can keep a person occupied all day. Sitting in front of a television playing video games all the time is enjoyable and good for everyone. Video games do no harm whatsoever… NOT! This is what the gaming industry wants everyone to think. In reality, video games may cause vision problems, obesity, lack of interest in education and physical activities, carpal tunnel, and much more. Video games can also influence children and even adults to do things that they may not normally do; some of these things may be negative and put a burden on society. Some may think that worrying about video game abuse is obscure, but what is really obscure is the man that will not get up and get a job because he is too busy playing video games all day. His life is meaningless; he has played so much and gotten so wrapped up in them that he doesn’t know how to stop. (Daily Strength). This is called addiction- the evil habit we feel we cannot kill.
Quite a few Americans have eye problems. Actually, statistics show that twenty-two out of sixty children wear eyeglasses or contacts of some sort. That is twenty point eight percent. (“Children’s”).   Statistics also show that nine point seven out of ten children play video games on a daily basis. This is about ninety seven percent. I wonder how many children received their vision problems from video games, probably a huge sum of them! I am sure that staring at a television all day is not benefiting the human eyes any. Is a pair of eyes worth playing video games all day? No way! Eyes are something that a person will need for the rest of their life, and if we our going to waste our vision on something, shouldn’t it be the great outdoors or something worthwhile?
America already has a large problem with obesity. Over one hundred and nineteen million people in the United States alone are obese. This is...

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