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Concrete Essay

  • Submitted by: blargleshnifen
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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These hallways appear cold and empty. I find that sentence ironic since the halls holds many other warm bodies. We all stand here, but nobody actually wants to stand here. What happens when someone you love passes away? You grief over their death for a while. After a month or so you continue life as before. But what happens when you accompany them in their last minutes?
My mother talks on the phone like always. Her mood seems kind of different from when she's usually on the phone. I could tell that a problem arose since tears started to stream down her face. "Grandpa is in the hospital, he doesn't have much time left." I flew into a state of shock as soon as she said that. He attended his second treatment of chemo therapy and   this "cure" hospitalized him. We all jumped in the car and left straight for the hospital. Surprised, I saw the whole family already there, even relatives I haven't met yet. We all greeted each other, hugged each other, and talked to each other like we've known each other for years. Then we all sat in the waiting room patiently ready to see my grandfather. While waiting, all eyes stared fixed on the clock. The television flashed happy images of families together, but nobody watched them. The magazines littered the tables, but nobody read them. We all just stared at the clock. We all waited, but waited for what?
The nurse entered the waiting room and everyone jumped out of their seat to go talk to her. She said we could go see my grandfather now. We walked down the cold and empty corridors passing the people who stood in there. When I walked in the room, I stopped in my tracks. The sight represented a horror I would never forget. My grandfather laid in the hospital bed with a tube stuck down his throat pumping oxygen into his lungs and IVs in each of his arms. He stared with eyes wide open at the ceiling with cloudy blank eyes. He laid trapped in a coma. I could tell that everyone felt pain by this sight. The nurse told us that our...

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