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Confucius Story Essay

  • Submitted by: kokokokokoko
  • on December 7, 2008
  • Category: Psychology
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One day a boy named Jon comes home from his friend’s house to find his grandfather sitting at the kitchen table looking very disappointed.   Then Jon asks his grandfather what is wrong.   The grand father answers by saying “I got your report card and I am no to pleased with it”.   Then Jon says “I did my best is swear”, “no I know that you did not why are you not telling me the truth” said the grandfather.   “The work is way too hard for me to keep up so that is why I did badly” said Jon.   “That is not the right attitude to go in with, if you go in with a attitude like that you will never succeed and I know that you can do this work you are very smart” says the grandfather.
“Also on your report card it says that you are disrespectful and disruptive” says the grandfather.   “You must understand that you should respect you teachers and any one else that is trying to help you because it is the better for you” says the grandfather.   “But I can not do all of this papa” “how come your older brother can do this”.   “You should follow him as an example if you try to follow him you will do much better”.
Jon answers by saying “so that is all I have to do to succeed and do better in school that is easy”. The grandfather answers by saying no that kind of an attitude is also even worse than you past attitude”.   “Ok I will get a 100 next term Papa” “You must be more practical and work up a little at a time”.   “For instants you should improve you 70 to an80 and you 80 to a 90”says the grandfather.   “So I should work up a little at a time and be practical in my improvement” the grandfather answers by saying “yes as long as you work your best you will do fine I have faith in you”.
“I know that you can do this work because everyone in your family has a talent in being smart and intelligent”.   “So this means that following you family tradition and not let any one down”.   “So I guess you what you and mom have told me about there intelligence is true” Jon says.   “Alright I promise I...

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