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Conscience Essay

  • Submitted by: ihtdubwle327
  • on November 30, 2009
  • Category: Social Issues
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Is My Conscience On?
Are you conscience of the daily choices you make at your place of work? Many people have been consciously brainwashed in their decision making at work simply because they view work as a job where they are only there to collect a paycheck to assist them in living. Society should be mindful that larger companies sometimes prey on their employees. Larger companies have a tendency to exploit employees by restricting them to organize amongst themselves to aid them in receiving higher wages as well as provide them with a just wage for living. It has been determined that this is a common practice at Nike, Inc. The multi-faceted international company has a mindset of profit only. In James Keady’s term paper, “Nike and Catholic Social teaching,” he expresses his concerns for the relationship between St. John’s University and Nike, which led to his resignation, which was a result of conscience awakening. His reasoning implicates that Nike‘s social structure is corrupt and full of sin, whereas this Catholic institution should preserve the integrity of the catholic institution, since its faith exemplifies the Judeo-Christian ideals, which signifies the empowerment of people to be respected and treated with dignity in the whole world.
Is your mind readily available to determine the rights and wrongs in our world? In this article, Keady determines to evaluate Nikes business ethics due to a new formed partnership between his employer St. John’s University and Nike, not to mention his moral soul being inclusive of the Catholic practice. Keady was ready to get some down to the bottom of it and satisfy his moral conscience. He was so concerned because he worked for St. John’s University and thought highly of his faith. Consciously, he found himself deliberating between right and wrong in this case. Two alternatives were present in his mind (1) give up and allow one’s fall to compromise his moral belief or (2) fall short and sell out for monetary gain. I’m...

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