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Consservation Essay

  • Submitted by: Valentine55
  • on February 24, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Conservation and Preservation
    The way you can differentiate between Conservation and Preservation would be to first to define their attributes. Conservation is an outlook which would try to preserve nature in a changing landscape. Example, if we were to drill in the Bridger Tento National park, then attempt to protect the free raging Bison heard from harm this is an act of conservation, rather than preservation. Preservation preserves natural wilderness and ecology without changing it. Example, the Bridge Tento National Park is the last preserved area in the lower 48 states, untouched or unchanged by humans.
    In my opinion I do not believe that humans can harvest forest resources in an environmental friendly way. I say this because the proof is in the pudding look around I do not see any where humans have been environmental friendly when they began to explore and harvest the land.
Even though I do understand America wanting to cut its dependence on foreign countries for energy resources we have here in the states, but I am more inclined with the thought of preservation rather than conservation. I feel this way because instead of depending on fossil fuels and this easy cost effective way of life we should find means to supplement these things instead of destroying one of our last ecological systems. We are an intelligent species, we have enough technology to build space stations we can find supplements for oil.
    I feel like explained in the video the Bridge of Tento National Park is as was from one hundred years ago, untouched and unchanged, we as people need a place where we can go and enjoy what was because you have to embrace your past to know where you are headed. In the Bridge of Tento there are increasing herds of animals that are endangered of being extinct, but because the land is not tampered with the species can grow and evolve

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  • Submitted by: Valentine55
  • on February 24, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 319 words
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