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Construct And Support An Argument Essay

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Construct and Support an Argument
As undergraduate, I made a decision to return to school as a graduate student to invest in my future. This paper will present an argument to pursuing my MBA. This paper will also disguise the “What’s my Jungian 16-Type Personality” assessment.  
The MBA program (Master’s of Business in Administration) is a comprehensive study of business management. The Master’s of Business in Administration program have personal, educational, and professional value for me. After graduating   in 2010, from The University of Phoenix I wanted to go back and obtain an MBA as soon as possible. Pursuing a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree to may seem strange to some, after receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, I did not acquire the job I believed I should have. The position was given to another employee. Currently, I am working as an admissions counselor for Texas Children’s Hospital. My current I occupation may not have the opportunity for advancement. Knowing I did not want to remain at the current occupation. I understand Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and MBA will allow me to successfully have that advantage over fellow employee. By acquiring an MBA degree, I will make myself more marketable for an upper management position as well as to confirm to myself that I can achieve it. I will be the first in my family to acquire a MBA, which is a great since of accomplishment for me. By being the oldest of five children born to a single mother in the poor area of the city. Some family members told me that what I have done in my life was not expected of my siblings or myself. All have obtained a high school diploma and my younger brother and I have obtained our Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. By obtaining my MBA, I will also make more money. According to the VanderMey (2009) “a sample size of 417, suggests the median starting salary for MBA hires is $88,000, and higher if bonuses are included. Pay Scale’s...

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