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IT Consultant Why & Why Not? Essay

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Dear John,
I have thought about this for many days now and after careful review here are my findings.   I have weighed both the strengths and weaknesses of hiring consultants to head the disaster recovery plan team.   I think that consultants that specialize in disaster recovery could bring a good amount of knowledge in various aspects of planning.     I believe they would have key insight on how to produce a final product and would have the resources to find the products and services we may need in the disaster recovery field.   Disaster Recovery consultants also could bring a new point of view and may find generally overlooked areas that we could improve on.   This advanced knowledge on disaster recovery could be very beneficial to us and give us a new approach to how to implement a disaster recovery plan and if we found a consultant team that specializes in only disaster recovery they could give us important tips on how to in-house help maintain and update the plan as needed.
Now lets talk about the weaknesses in hiring disaster recovery consultants from outside the company.   I believe generally speaking most charge way to much for services and it seems everything extra is just that extra money.   Yes the consultant can design a plan and implement the plan, but how about upgrades and periodically stopping by the check on the plan.   Another downfall could be finding the right consultant or should I say a good consultant.   A lot of consultants will show off their certifications saying they are “Certified”.   After careful review I have learned in the 1990s these such certifications were for sale.  
I think it depends on a few factors on whether we should stay with our current in-house team or hire outside consultants.   Money is a issue, along with what do they offer as far as maintaining the plan and upgrading as needed.   Another possible scenario could be with what we have did in the past and we need a new revised one, do we need a new eye or a new vision in the...

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