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Consumer Behaviour Essay

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Below is an essay on "Consumer Behaviour" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Within this assignment I will analyse how successful Tesco have been using both concepts of consumer understanding and marketing mix.

It’s Saturday afternoon you’ve arrived at Tesco and your on way round the store and stop when you get to the toiletry isle. That’s of course you’ve managed to barge your way through twenty oblivious mothers chatting for Britain and haven’t managed to hyperventilate down the 50 people all crammed down isle 4.

You’re standing there facing thirty types of razor blades, are you after women’s razors? Men’s Razors? Are you the consumer who knows what you want? Is it the BIC 1 SENSITIVE DISPOSABLE that fulfils your needs? How many do you need? Do you want a ten pack or five or just the one? Are you the consumer who’s deliberately gone to the store because the new GILLETTE FUSION POWER RAZOR is on special at £9.00? Can’t decide whether you want the GILLETTE SUPER FUSION SUPER POWER RAZOR or the GILLETTE POWER RESISTANCE SUPER SUPER FUSION? Was you the sucker that got pulled into buying a £9.00 razor blade because you’ get   75 club card points (70P)   back on your precious club card   or do you just come to the decision that you can get one at Aldi… for half the price ” and just walk away. There are endless possibilities and questions a consumer ask themselves when purchasing and deciding where to shop. Evidently the product/service must aim to enhance and convince the consumer to make a purchase in its store, which in turn = sales =profit=growth=success.

Consumer behaviour not only can be influenced by the organisations, but with other environmental influences from culture, family attitudes and influences within themselves such as feelings, motivation, knowledge and attitudes.

The question is what are these factors and how influential can these be to the consuming process?

Tesco the Initiator determines that there is a certain need not being met in a market, consequently they produce the good/service which will start a...

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