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Consumerism: Less Is More Essay

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  • on March 1, 2011
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“Less is More”

Purpose: To examine the problem with consumerism by acknowledging all three viewpoints of the issue and propose a justifiable solution.
Audience: Local government, producer businesses, psychologists, and of course consumers, that have recognized Americas‘ level of consumerism.
Strategies: By using Safire’s Option Three Argument I will explore opposite extreme views on the issue and create a third moderate view with an agreeable solution.
Claim: There needs to be more awareness of consumerism as a problem. Local government, psychologists, and producer businesses need to work together in order to come up with a advertisement plan to lower consumerism.

It consumes our lives, everything from television, internet, to what we eat, and where we live. Though it has seeped into most every part of our lives, many of us aren’t aware of it. Consumerism effects everyone whether it be a positive or negative experience. Its effects extend into our attitudes and self identities with the assistance primarily of advertising. “The idea that you can buy fulfillment is repeated constantly in the media, like background noise,” says Betsy Taylor from the Center for a New American Dream. (Masci 2) Overall excessive consuming is destroying the future by contaminating peoples’ minds with the idea of finding oneself through the purchasing of goods. In its’ different extremities consumerism is a hard problem to target and solve. Local state government, producer businesses, and psychologists, can take steps to recognize and reduce over consumption.
On one side of the spectrum there are the heavy consumers. These usually consist of producer businesses, and advertising companies that need consumer interest in order to make profit. By infiltrating almost everything people are exposed to everyday with their advertising, people are easily captivated. According to an article in Business Week, “the average American person is exposed to 3,000 commercial messages per day,...

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