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Consumpation Of Milk Essay

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The consumption of milk in our country is not showing the expected increase over the years compared to other beverages like soft drinks. Somehow milk is seen as a product for children only. May be because of this perception, most adults do not drink milk. Children also give up drinking milk as soon as they reach teen age and turn to other options like soft drinks, fruit juices etc.   However milk is one of the most nutritious and balanced food for children, teenagers and adults.   Increasing consumption of milk also contributes to national welfare by helping the farmers. The National Diary Development Council (NDDC) would like to run a campaign promoting the consumption of milk targeted at young urban adults.
Hence, we at IIMK are trying to understand through this study the reasons why urban young adults in the country give up milk drinking habit early.

Research design:

We would be adopting the Descriptive research design for this study.
 This uses a set of scientific method and procedures to collect raw data
 This would create data structures that would describe the existing characteristics of adults in India on their behavior of consuming milk
The Sample group:
Defining the sample method:
We are planning to us the Non probability method of sampling, using the Quota sampling method.
Defining the target Population:
We have further divided the target groups within the three categories mentioned below. We have established quota using age as factor as the primary objective of the study is consumption of milk Vs age
• Below 19
• 19 to 45
• 45 and over
Advantages of this method:
 The sample generated contains specific subgroups in proportions as desired
 This method also reduces the selection bias by field workers
 This allows comparison of consumption within the sub groups and helps the researcher identify his focus groups
Expected Limitations on this method:
 The success of the study...

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