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Coronary Blockages Essay

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Coronary Blockages

As most of us know a blockage in the coronary artery is one of the most common causes of a heart disease. Most of it has to do with living a healthy lifestyle. Always complaing because you have chest pains or can't breath properly? Well don't hesitate to go get checked out by your doctor! Healthy mind in a healthy body. There are other syptoms that need to be recognized as well. There's lots you can do to keep your heart healthy no matter how old you are. Doing exercises, eating a healthy diet, being aware of dangers such as smoking, drinking, high blood pressure and stress and any other parts of your lifestyle can affect your heart health.   As I will explain in more detail as you read further. People of all ages who are physically active are half as likely to get coronary blockages as those that are inactive. A healthy diet helps to reduce your risk of developing a heart disease, or if you've already got heart problems it will help to protect your heart. We should all be thinking about our heart health and what we can do to keep as healthy as possible. Finding out that you or a loved one has a problem with their heart can be frightening, but there are many treatments available which help improve their quality of life and I'll mention those treatments below.
According to National Heart lung and Blood Institute 2009 and UK essays I read that Coronary blockage is when cholesterol and plaque builds up on the inner walls of the heart muscle, causing blood flow to be limited to the heart. The walls are smooth in healthy arteries and blood flows easily. The process leading to the development of coronary heart disease begins with the development of ‘fatty streaks’. These are yellow patches which forms inside the wall of the coronary artery. GROSS! The streaks are made up of a special type of cell called foam cells, which are rich in fats, and smooth muscle cells. Over time, streaks can turn into plaques. There are many different kinds of plaques....

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