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Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Corporate Social responsibility in advertising.

Corporate social responsibility is one of the most important things that companies must perform. Corporate social responsibility is a commitment that companies have with their costumers in which they respect and make good things for the consumers that, basically, made the company successful. On this essay I will analyze three companies: Kellogs (Frosted Flakes), Dove and Corona.

  1. Kellogs (Frosted Flakes).

  Since the beginning of its advertising, Kellogs has used a lot of advertising in order to manipulate the kids. We can see this in commercials such as the ones presented in the Frosted Flakes, in which the kids that consume Frosted Flakes are supposed to develop incredible physical abilities; also Frosted Flakes promotes to have a lot of nutrients on their products but it is not that way. On its official page Frosted Flakes promotes doing exercise and gives the kids tips for playing football. Also Frosted Flakes here in Mexico started a campaign in 2009 called “Zu-k-City” in which it organized and motivated the kids to play football. These kinds of things are good, but there’s no ethic justification for Frosted Flakes to manipulate the kids, which have very little criteria when shopping, to buy their products which are supposed to give them incredible physical abilities.

  2. Dove.

  Dove has shown that cares for the women and not only for creating new consumers. The “campaignforrealbeauty” has promoted the increase of self-esteem in women telling them on its campaign that the real beauty is not presented in the models, actresses, singers, etc. but in every woman. On the Dove’s webpage we can see that it has taken actions in order to help women that have low self-esteem. Dove has created a fund for helping them in which they receive programs and courses that are supposed to help them with and also Dove has created an online workshop in which woman talk to each other in order to communicate...

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