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Correctional System Essay

  • Submitted by: chocdimps
  • on December 9, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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We were asked to write about the correctional system, and after researching and getting information these questions were starting to come together. The goals of the correctional system are incapacitation this is one of three goals that are in the prisons. This allows prisoners to keep in internal order so that they wont get out of hand. They may experience fights with other inmates or correctional officers but keeping them in this will effectively handle them. Another goal of the correctional systems is retribution the purpose of this is to “punish the offender for transgressions of the criminal law”(Doob). But some society’s are unsatisfied with the amount the punishment they believe the offender are getting lighter sentences of just let off on parole.
Our third and last goal is rehabilitation but this seems to be not working like it should be. This program releases inmates who are more antisocial than when they first went to prison because the community has resources that are unavailable in the prison, the likelihood of rehabilitation is enhanced. But, for some reason the goals of correctional system are not being met like they should. Many institutions have made their own rules and usually those rules do not correspond with the actual correctional system rules. But as far as following the basic ruling they do follow.
The strengths and the weaknesses of the correctional system are very different from one another. Some of there strengths consist of actually putting the bad people away from something that they have did wrong. But, then again the correctional system can fail and put away innocent people for thinking they did a crime. Another weakness in my opinion would be letting the prisoners get a shorter sentence then what he or she would have originally got. To me this seems like a joke. If someone is convicted to go to prison, that should be the last say so. There should be no plea-bargaining or any conversation to get a lighter sentence. The prisoner...

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