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Counterurbanisation Essay

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Beach five was a relatively low, flat beach with some gradual descent and two visible breaks in slope. After measuring the slope using the clinometer and ranging poles our overall slope of the beach was 2.4 degrees.

We measured the width of the beach using our measuring tape and ranging poles and calculated it to be 130 metres.

Beach cusps were also present which are shoreline formations made up of an assortment of grades of sediment in an arc pattern. The horns are made up of coarser materials and the embayment contains all the finer grain sediment.

This beach was a wide, very gently sloping beach. We noted that it ran from the seaward edge of the fore zone to the surf zone and exhibited breaker zones. Because of all these characteristics we were able to identify that it was a dissipative beach.

Tides & Waves
At the time of the study there was a low tide and the height of the tides was 0.4 metres at 12.27pm. This information was obtained from Blackboard but can also be found on the Irish Times website.

We then set about trying to identify the wave type. There was a long wavelength and a low crest which ran gently up the slope of the beach. These waves deposited material up the slope of the beach most likely because the strength of the swash exceeded that of the backwash. From these characteristics we identified the type of waves present on this beach were spilling waves.

Longshore Current
Longshore current is a current caused by wave action and sets parallel to the shore. We measured this by throwing an orange into the sea. We watched this for 3 minutes and measured that it moved 25 metres during this time. It moved in an easterly direction in a zigzag fashion.

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