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Cow Nosed Ray Essay

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Cow-Nosed Ray

Many people have never even heard of Cow-Nosed Ray or even seen one in person. Several questions have been asked about where are they found or do they even exist. This is the most rare species of a ray a person can find.The name of the fish comes from the common cow.The nose is shaped as if it was a cows nose.

Long barbals are located on the ray's nose.The ray's pectoral fins are sickle shaped & triangular. This fish has a continuous caudal fin. There is a single dorsal fin right beside the long whip-like tail. Flowing through the water easily the cow-nosed ray has a very sleek compressed body. The color of its body varies from grey,brown,to gold.

The cow-nosed ray's scientific name is Rhinoptera bonasus.Many people never know where to look but they can be found in the Eastern and Western Atlantic,Brazil, and in the Carribean. The habitat of this fish is off the shore of a beach,seamounts, and mangroves.Everywhere these fish go they travel in huge groups called "schools".Their schools range from a few hundred to a thousand!

Cow-nosed ray's feed on clams and oysters,mainly anything with a shell.They use their tail to "blow" sand off of hidden clams. There are known to be up to 7 feet wide; two pectoral fins and the front side are used like suction cups to catch prey.These ray's are viviparous which means the embryo is nourished within the mothers body before being born.

Listed on the IUCN's Red List of Threatened Species was the Cow-nosed ray. They are preyed on by many different species of sharks around the world which is why they are close to extinction. Also nicknamed "Lotus Of The Sea".

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