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crab spider Essay

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The Crab Spider

The world is full of some amazing animals and insects. They all come in different shapes colors sizes and species. One of those species is a spider, a crab spider to be more specific. The crab spider is named for its walk. The crab spider walks side ways just like a crab. Crab spiders have short, wide, flattened bodies. The first two or three pairs of legs are longer than the rest and are normally held out from the sides of the body as a crab would hold its claws. The front legs are used for hunting.
The crab spider hides in a near by flower and just waits for a insect to come by and it ambushes it. It uses its front legs like a trap, once the insect gets close enough it snaps its legs together and catches its food. It paralyzes its prey by flooding its body with digesting fluids and then it drinks the fluids. Once the crab spider is done drinking what is left of its lunch it just throws the outer skeleton and skin away. Crab spiders cannot identify the warning colors of poison insects. Crabs spiders are also quit smart.
One species of crab spider is colored black and white, it looks like bird droppings. This helps the crab spider hide in more diverse areas for hunting. If the spider gets its leg caught it rips the leg off and gets away. It can later grow the missing limb back. Another species of crab spider is colored all white, almost a clear. Its uses this camouflage to hide in yellow flowers most of the time. Some of the flower spiders are able to change their color over several days, typically between white and yellow, depending on the color of the flower on which they are resting. When mating the crab spider waits for a female to start eating then it sneaks up behind her and mates.
After mating and the laying of eggs its takes two to three weeks for the eggs to mature and hatch to little spiders. After the eggs have been hatched the parents eat the egg sacks for a meal. there are over 3000 different species of spiders.

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