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Try to imagine-imagine a time of complete delightfulness and simplicity to a time when a woman dances happily, feeling unbound, with no restrictions on the beach wearing a glowing white dress. We may not be certain this dream will become reality. But south beach diet certainly makes us hope it will. In this full page advertisement from vogue magazine, south beach diet wants to evoke a yearning for eating a delicious diet with out having to worry about calories. The maker of the product hopes to bring out an exotic Asian feel to appeal to the public, with simplicity and a friendliness tone. South beach is selling the idea that no one wants to be plagued by what kind of diet they should eat on vacation, and implies a sense of care freeness which south beach diet epitomizes.
The pure and simplicity in this ad is the first thing we notice. Everything is very straightforward. In the center of the page stated a rhetorical question, some of the words are enlarged to use as an eye catcher to emphasize the overall theme of the ad. The faint blue background creates a light feeling that the advertiser wish to bring out a healthy feeling about the food. The woman in the background also contribute a symbolic role in the ad, she further bolsters the healthy meaning of the ad because she is young, healthy looking, and on the ad she is sort of running on the beach.
As many foreigners gradually adapts to the American way of life forks, spoons have become the daily usage. We have altered our perspectives of chopsticks as a delicacy and usually only seen in restaurants. Similarly, to the ad the chopsticks placed in the right symbolizes deliciousness, enjoyment, and a treat it also illustrates that the food is not only microwavable, nutritious, convenient, but it is also considered as a high standard product.
As Americans, we all have a longing for a delicious food and at the same time a healthy scene included, as technology improved our standard of living improved as well as...

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