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Crimson Tide Essay

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The movie Crimson Tide, deals with the aspects of war and nuclear power. As the movie takes place under water within a submarine, it displays the lifestyle and drama of the Navy soldiers. Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman are the main characters in the movie. The whole situation deals with the Russian Nuclear and Civil war that is taking place. As it gets worse the United States takes drastic actions to take control for their own safety. Naval ships and submarines are sent for protection, this leads to quarrel in the submarine between the two head officers Hackman and Washington.

      Gene Hackman is Captain Ramsey in the movie. He has been in command on every ship he has sailed on. The respect that he has throughout the crew is very high. This is where Denzel Washington comes in to play. He plays Lt. Commander Hunter and is the second in command. Denzel has authority in the movie just as much as Hackman. The movie starts out with the Navy submarine “Alabama” setting out to go and fight the Russian forces. As soon as the submarine sets out and goes under water, so does the relationship between Hackman and Denzel. Denzel is a logical and straight to the book individual. This conflicts with Hackman’s views because he is an impulsive thinker. He believes what he does is always correct. This causes miscommunication and tension between the two leaders of the crew. Thus causing a partition between the actual crew and the topic of loyalty is questioned.

      The submarine was a nuclear submarine; it was the first and last defense for the US. The submarine would wait for orders from headquarters and receive confirmation codes to launch attacks. There would be false alerts that would be run to test the crew’s potential in dealing with confirmations codes. When it came to the point where it was an actual attack on the submarine by another submarine, there was some confusion. There were orders from headquarters that was sent but was cut off before the entire message...

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