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Critical Analysis Paper

  • Submitted by: chelley8310
  • on February 23, 2011
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Ian Wilmut, a Scottish embryologist studying at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, had a hand in the animal cloning project that introduced the idea to the masses, Dolly. This man is obviously brilliant as well as an expert on the topic. In his writing, "The Moral Imperative for Human Cloning", he not only states his moral view but also explains the processes and possible benefits. Mr. Wilmut explores different ways to develop embryonic cells, sharing each value of morale. The main focal point is the potential of cloning. He shows many different pros for the execution of this testing and all of the people it could potentially save from defect or death. These pros include therapeutic promises, studying of diseases, biomedical research, safer drug testing, treating inherited disease and other diseases. The text, in favor of human cloning, presented an effective argument for medical research, showing a plethora of evidence and asks for the support of the study. If the reader did not understand the process of human cloning, they would grasp the idea and at least have a different perspective on it's possibilities. The author intends to prompt emotion and his previous knowledge to show readers that "Human cloning should not be banned. It could save thousands of lives." (Wilmut 369)  
    This reading exemplifies a scientific argument, it describes the medical methodology indepthly. He states that "transplants of stem cells that are genetically identical to their recients promise new treatments, such as repairing damdaged heart muscle following a heart attack," (Wilmut 368) speaking on behalf of theurapeutic cloning. The main area of help that cloning would provide to biomedical research is in the region of drug testing. "Researchers could clone and create cultures of the liver cells from families who had suffered bad reactions to drugs, " (Wilmut 368) and in turn these cultures could be studied to test peoples' susceptibility to the new drugs. And last, assuming they...

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