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Criticism Of An Essay

  • Submitted by: chickenchop
  • on March 3, 2011
  • Category: Shakespeare
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Introduction:   we’re presenting our criticism of a critical essay on imagery in Shakespeare.

the thesis of the critical essay is that Shakespeare uses imagery in order to make his works more understandable, allowing the reader or audience to grasp the meaning or theme of a play. The strongest image is blood imagery in Macbeth and animal imagery in hamlet ( which reflect honor, treason or guilt and a life not worth living respectively.)

we have split up the essay, showing its introduction, body and conclusion.
Hamlet, Othello, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Measure for Measure and Macbeth are all mentioned in the essay and serve as synthesis to strengthen her mentioned in Macbeth and Hamlet, finding common ground among the different images and looking at how they complement or mirror each other.
the author explains the reason for using images, and how they symbolize what Shakespeare wants to convey to the audience. For example, the metaphorical language and imagery that Shakespeare utilizes allows him to convey rich meanings in fewer words. The imagery also helps the audience to understand the characters’ state of mind. The author uses examples from many of Shakespeare's plays to illustrate her point   and states the relevance of the examples to her points.

she presents a strong argument for the images that she has chosen, stating incidences from Macbeth and Hamlet where the images appear and dissecting the symbolism of the images. She also describes how the images’ meaning can and does change in the play and the meaning of the transition, including the context in which the images appear.
in Macbeth, she interprets blood as a representation of honor, which then deteriorates into evil and guilt then back into honor as the play ends. She supports her points by stating the occurrence of blood imagery at the beginning, middle and end of the play, and then how these images relate to the changes in the characters’ inner thoughts.
In Hamlet the author...

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