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Cuban Embargo Essay

  • Submitted by: cdattilio
  • on February 27, 2011
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Is the United States at War with Cuba?

        Before the embargo, the United States and Cuba had a tremendous trade relationship. The US purchase millions of pound of sugar from Cuba and they purchase good by the tons. But this all change when Fidel Castro and his rebels began to wage war against the Batista government, who was later forced into exile in 1959. After the Batista government fled the country, Castro and his government aligned with the Soviet Union. When the US stops its purchases of sugar, the Soviet Union agreed to purchase it and to sell weapons to them. It got worse when people were banned from traveling to and from Cuba. Also any Cubans that left Cuba were not allowed to go back to Cuba and they were not allowed to send money or gifts to any of their family in Cuba. It has been about 50 years since this embargo took effect and no changes to its policy in sight. Instead of an embargo, is the United Sates at war with Cuba without knowing it?
      I believe that the United State is at war with Cuba because they are using tactics that would normally be used against a country they are at war with. They are not trading with Cuba because of their relationship with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. During war, nobody win and everybody suffer because country would put its self-interest first before its citizens. They are ignoring the international community and religious leader who thinks the embargo is a failed foreign policy. In order to end this, the embargo needs to be lift because there are so much positives outcomes that can come from this. The US has entered a phase in international relation where an embargo does not work now a day. It may have worked years ago but, now it out of date and an old tactic that need to be used as a last resort.
      First, a negative outcome by not lifting the ban is the lack of economic growth. With the ban lifted it can provided jobs for people in both countries. To get to either country, one must charter...

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