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Cultural Deversity Essay

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Being from different cultural, economic, and academic background, I have enjoyed learning new concepts in the United States.   Similarly, I have encountered people from different cultures and try to understand their values.   For instance, in high school, I had a classmate name Rohan who was from Nepal. There were many similarities and differences, I encountered between his culture and the culture of the United States.   However, in college, I would like to have a potential classmate who could bring forward new set of ideas, values, and information that could help me expand my academic knowledge.
            College is a perfect place for cultural exchange because it is built upon the circle of diversity.   People from different cultural background carry different elements of languages, manners, social norms, and a system of beliefs.   The interaction of these elements between two cultures creates diversity through which new sets of ideas develop.   However, it is important to build a proper understanding between people of different cultural experiences in order to exchange the new sets of ideas. I would like to have a potential classmate who could share his opinions and stays open-minded.   He should be a person who would feel confidence to talk in front of the classroom.
            Each person has different economic experience that is based upon their knowledge and understanding.   There are multiple sources such as internet, books, and newspapers to obtain economic and academic knowledge in order to pursuit in career goals.   But, knowledge itself is not enough to expand in career goals; it requires experience. It is vital to gain information from different experiences and surrounding oneself to different people with different thoughts.   However, he must be a person with good economic and academic experience through which I could improve my knowledge and understanding.  
          I believe my positive attitude and determination will give me the ability to...

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