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Culture-shocked? Essay

  • Submitted by: ixiryojel76
  • on October 12, 2009
  • Category: Arts and Music
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College culture, it seems sounds so phony though it is real, and when you think about, sometimes it gives you the creeps. Stepping in college, you can sense that there's more to that than dealing with terror professors, having enough allowance for the day, big pile of homework to do and stuff like that. But what has been the constant struggle of most freshmen (probably not just freshmen but also other college people) as they enter college, is finding the "group" where they belong.

            Adjustment in college takes time, and some, even in their sophomore year, still struggles. Everything is different, and you get to meet people with different attitude, perception, personality that would truly surprise you. What causes much depression and anxiety to most is not being able to find friends, which I consider the first step toward adjustment. How much the "college culture" influence the social groups, I don't know, but it is too obvious. The culture says you should be like this, and like that, wear this and that, do this and do that, then you have finally won your ticket towards the "in". It's like a battle against the unseen, all-powerful, dictator in the hopes of finding your place in the society. Because of this too much pressure and I feel disappointed, people tend to change, or they really choose to change. That's why when you have your reunion with your high school friends, don't be surprised if you found out that this girl got pregnant, when she used to be the sweetest angel known during your high school year, or this person had gone rebellious for no particular reason at all. It is in our culture, existing not only in our institution, but all around the world.

            Peer pressure is hard to deal with but you have to. As much as you don't want to, it tries to shape you. It's part of your survival strategy in college. So to cope with it, you should look for friends that will influence you THE WAY you want to be, and in the same time, be...

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