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current awareness in science synopsis Essay

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Current awareness in science synopsis
By Angela Turner                                                                 9th December 2008

Gm Food
The topic chosen showed a deep interest in a current and public issue. The subject has been upper most in the news since the early1990’s when it came to show that, on a genetic and environmental   level, not enough investigation was implemented to the impact Gm Food and mixing of plant and animal genetics would have. This has been a disaster,   to take genes from one species and mix with another, it   was thought of as a giant leap forward to the end of famine in third world countries To have companies such as Monsanto in the United States creating a grain, that was genetically modified to be resistant to only their pesticide, showed   that they had the monopoly on the commercial gain of both weed prevention and the development of a high yield commodity. According to the United Nations there is enough food to feed everyone, but the biotech companies with some government backing are pushing genetically modified grain on us just for their greed for commercial gain.
Cross pollination with non-gm crops and our wild plants have not been researched enough; genetically modified pollen can replicate them, because of this it is very possible to contaminate our environment with a genetic pollution that we might never be able to clean up. Once GM crops are planted, cross-pollination means other crops often become contaminated and GM material ends up in the food chain. Contamination scandals are now commonplace, often originating from farm trials in which the GM crops are unapproved for human consumption. This has had a detrimental financial effect on the farmers who were supposed to reap benefits from gm technology who are now facing financial ruin.
• The effect of the insertion on the biochemistry of the host organism is unknown.
• The effect of the genetically engineered organism on the environment is unknown.
• The...

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