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dadaism Essay

  • Submitted by: jun830823
  • on December 7, 2008
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Nowadays modes of contemporary art are no longer restricted in a certain style of movements. Based on my theory, art has the unlimited way of communications to the world. But, in the same manner of contemporary music, to create their own uncreated style, the contemporary artists often combine the styles from the ancient art through modern art, such from ancient fresco to Dada/ Surrealism, Post-Modernism, Neo-Expressionism, and Performance Art. Because of those overflowing mixtures these days, it is hard to bundle them up as a certain ‘ism’. I think, as long as a work contains any kind of beauty, I call them as ‘Art’. Sometimes I think it is way too much mixing against established aesthetic, and have some difficulties to see the beauty in contemporary arts. But, they are becoming popular and famous. I believe that is how the society considered Dadaism when it first came out. Only these uncertain, but has strong effects, consideration can change our hackneyed and critical viewpoints. In my opinion, the diversified expression in art started from Dada. They were the artists who corrupted values of art and propaganda, and had done art with many ways- literature, poetry, collage, painting, sculpture, and performance. Since the movement discovered new way of art, protest over something like the aesthetic values of art, it still continued in nowadays.

Jeff Koons, one of the artists influenced by Dada, satirized the world that rapidly changes by series of displaying vacuums from 1970’s in Plexiglas box with fluorescent lights underneath, just like parts of ancient fresco in the history museum. It just has been only thirty year discovering the epochal invention. Thirty years sound like long time ago, but if we looking at the long terms, thirty years are shorter than a fancy carp’s life. By comparing with hundred years ago or more, in modern times, things around us change very quickly, and that’s our tendency of world. What will be in the box in next ten years? It could...

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