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Dalloway Essay

  • Submitted by: ericamcl
  • on December 5, 2011
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The revealing truth about Clarissa becomes clear to her and is her “moment of being” after she is informed about Septimus Warren Smith’s suicide. Clarissa as a character is battling with, and trying to balance her internal life with her external life. In the beginng of the novel she is already having a flashback about Peter Walsh that reveals how she feels her life could have been. Clarissa decided not to marry marry Peter Walsh and settle with Richard Dalloway because she was comfortable with having an upper class life and always being concerned with her appearances and how the world views her, which is what she always wanted.   After this scene, it is starts to become noticeable that Clarissa is constantly wishing she could live her life over again, as she states in the story (pg. 10, paragraph 2).Throughout the novel as Clarissa overlays the past with the present she realizes a variety of new things about herself, especically after she is introduced emotionally to Septimus Warren Smith.
Septimus Warren Smith suffers from shell shock and is lost within his own mind. He lives in an internal world where everything he hears and sees aren’t really there. The world to Septimus is threatening and has little to offer to him. He doesn’t believe in honesty or kindness, especially when it comes to his doctors. Even though he feels completely sane the doctors see otherwise and often makes Septimus feel as if his world should end as he says on (pg. 16, paragraph 1).
At the end of the novel and the climax of the story, Clarissa and Septimus finally come together though their own epiphanies. Clarissa is finally at peace with her own choices as well as the society she lives in . This is significant because it marks the beginning of a self-realization for Clarissa and she now has the ability to be at peace with her soul and her inner-being. This is her “moment of being” and an epiphany for her that septimus is apart of her self or as I would describe her alter ego. In...

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