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The dangers of ARP, incomplete Essay

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The Dangers of ARP
Every day millions of people connect to and use the internet, they transmit personal information across such as their names, address   credit card numbers and other sensitive data, they send emails or plan holdidays all from the comfort of their home.   Many of these people trust that their information is safe from   and will remain private. However, what many people . These attacks can be caried out by malicious users to steal all information sent over a network. These “hackers” can have almost no computer knowledge and simply have to download free tools from the internet. With these tools they can steal anything sent over the network, such as   passwords, credit card numbers and emails.

These attacks can be carried out without the victim ever knowing or suspecting the attacks, there are often no warning signs or alerts. Most comercial firewalls like AVG and Norotn do not stop or even notice these attacks. Further more, even if the attack is noticed it is almost impossible to trace the attacker to find out who attacked the network. This huge security flaw   leaves millions of people around the world vulnerable to attacks and identity theft.
Over the years computer have become a standard in the mordern household, users often set up basic wireless networks to provide access to the internet. However many of these users have very little knowledge of how their network actually works or whats really going on. They often set up their home network with little or no security and thus leave themselves open to attack by malicious users. What many people do not understand is that when computers communicate over a network all information is sent and recieved with little or no protection.Because of this   information can be viewed, changed and used by malicious users to steal company secrets, email messages or credit card information. Even data that is SSL-encrypted may intercepted   and decrypted. This is possible because of a simple design...

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