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Data and Speed Essay

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Appropriate Roles for Situations

University of Phoenix

JD West

Appropriate Roles for Situations

    The accuracy of data input, the quality of output, the different types of storage devices, and the speed of computers are vital in our personal and professional lives. Communication is especially important when dealing with computers and the technological advances of today. One mistake or miscalculation could result in a loss of business, change of clients, or forfeit of capital. This paper will look at the input and output of data, the optimal purpose for storage devices, and the determination of computer speed.
    Companies use printed questionnaires to identify areas of business in which it can improve or succeed. The most efficient method for reading questionnaires is by using optical data readers. Telephone surveys are another tool used to identify customer satisfaction, or dissatisfaction. Voice recognition software is the type of input that is used for telephone surveys. This software converts the sound of a human voice making commands to digital signals. Bank checks are used to pay for services and goods. The instruments used by banks to collect check data are known as magnetic ink character recognition devices. Data is placed at the bottom of the check using special magnetic ink, which allows these devices to read the data. Retail tags are used by stores to price their inventory. Computers at check out registers use the retail tags to identify items being purchased, including the correct price. In this type of input a laser reads a bar-coded label and turns that into data the computer understands. Long documents such as contracts, newspaper articles, and books are commonplace in society. Long documents can be digitalized, which saves money and storage space.
    Hand held computers are very common; however, without adequate display one would not be able to see the data. LCD displays...

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