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Database Coursework Essay

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1.1.1. Background:
Z music is a music shop, which is fairly small. The shop specialises in Rap Music and R&B audio CD’s and playstation 2 (PS2) games. The owner Zoë Barker has kept the business running for nearly 3 years. Zoë employs only 2 other employees to run the shop. One of the employees is working full time, whilst the other employee only works on the weekends.

The till is worked by Zoë herself and another employee, whilst the other employee is in the shop to provide assistance to any of the customers and also to check the stock control. At the moment the music shop only uses a paper based system to record all of the details that the business receives.

The business receives around 200-300 customers a week. On the weekdays, the business does not receive many customers due to the fact that most people are at work. The weekend is by far the busiest day for the business. When a new album/game is released the company receives a lot of customers, and so they usually double the amount of stock from the supplier.

1.1.2. Current Practice:
The majority of the paper work is done manually by hand. The business keeps around 15-150 stock of each item on the shelves. For new albums, the shop receives around 50-100 copies of the CD or game, depending on whether the album is going to be very successful or not. The rest of the stock is contained at the back of the shop. The business has around 100 different CD’s and has around 40 different playstation 2 games. For stock control, Zoë writes down the information in a separate book.

At the end of each week usually Sunday, Zoë rings up her suppliers and tells them which products need to be re-ordered. The new stock then arrives the next day. At the end of the day, one of the employees goes around the shop checking on the stock. They then add more stock to make sure that there are always 10-15 items of each particular product on the shelf.

When ever a customer buys an item(s), the employee serving them will...

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