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David Sedaris Essay

  • Submitted by: alanalava
  • on December 6, 2011
  • Category: English
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The essays I found and talk about are “the way we are” and “road trips” by David Sedaris, well at first I didn’t get the stories but after read it a couple time I get the point of the stories and what he kind of was trying to say.
In “the way we are” he start by compering two places Paris with his place in the USA, and how people in Paris are more polite than in the us especially when is to communicate about an event that is going on, like in the story, he compliance about the lack of communication from the people from the US because nobody told him about a construction that was going on his building, and how because of that he can get his cup of coffee like he always does before he goes to work, but the part that trick me or confuse me was when he talks about his partner that in the beginning I thought he was his roommate or his brother, but how the story goes alone I realize that they were a couple and Hugh the other character was his boyfriend, so that gave a big turn of what I was expecting from the story because that make me assure and think that David in the story or in real life is actually gay or homosexual. But that’s not all within the story David or the main character feels bad for Hugh that in the story he portraits the part of the female, David even use the word faggy to describe Hugh that always taking care of the house, washing the clothes and that when he felt bad for him, because of the construction he had to wash their clothes on the river, how people used to do it back in the day.
But, then he calls his brother, because he feels the need to smoke some pot or marijuana to forget all the things that are going on in his life, so his brother take him to his dealer Lil Mike, that in the story sound like a cool guy when they went to his house, but a little mess up with his wife that because for a little he was acting like an a…hole with her, but somehow she deserve it because she looks like a lazy women that all she does is watch tv on the couch. But...

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