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The day I became an adult Essay

  • Submitted by: jewskerz
  • on December 11, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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World of Warcraft: Friend or Foe?

People think that “World of Warcraft” is dangerous and unhealthy, but as long as gamers can show self discipline and understand that it is only a game, it can be a fun and healthy way to pass the time.   There are people who believe that it depends on the individual.
Based on a Network Liquidators article titled, “World of Warcraft, could it be killing our teens,” a little over a year ago, a teen committed suicide. He jumped from a window and tragically died.   Rumors have been circulating that he did not commit suicide, but that he had actually tried to capture a World of Warcraft character that he had seen outside the window, we will never know what really happened.   According to the article, the outcome of this tragedy is that the parents of the child are suing WOW (World of Warcraft) developers, Blizzard Entertainment.   From the parent’s perspective, the suicide occurred because the child was addicted to the game and had confused reality with the game.   The article defines addiction as, a habitual psychological and physiological dependence on a substance or action and the practice of it is beyond ones voluntary control.   When looking at a common addiction many of us can relate to, such as gambling, no one would say that the act of gambling could lead to death.   Gambling can effect many aspects of your life if uncontrolled; so can WOW.   So if we follow this same logic, one would come to the conclusion that spending large amounts of time playing a game such as WOW won’t kill you.   But looking at the big picture, a person playing too much WOW could pose a potential problem, especially if the gamer is a teenager or a younger child.   In this case the parent should be aware of the time spent on the games.   If someone is having trouble dealing with reality, interacting with people or withdrawing from family and friends, these are three possible signs of a mental health disease and they should seek professional help or work to limit...

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