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Daycare Essay

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One of my hardest jobs was working at a daycare.   Most of the time working with children was very rewarding.   Watching them grow and learn, knowing that you taught them new things was my favorite part.   But like most jobs, there are always downsides that you must consider before getting into childcare.  
I learned to have a very high level of patience.   Temper tantrums, biting, children wetting their pants just after they have gotten off of the toilet, being thrown up on, and having children yell and scream if they don’t get their way are just a few things I dealt with almost daily.   When I first started at my child development center, I got really sick all the time. You kind of have to build up your immune system as you work there, because obviously lots of sickness goes through.   Now almost five years of not working there I hardly ever get sick.    
Some parents are hard to communicate with and communication is a necessity.   They can be rude and testy with you when you tell them about their child’s day if it was bad.   If parents are late picking up, then you have to stay, and sometimes you cannot predict when children will leave.   Therefore some days maybe run very long.
I never really understood why working at a daycare was one of the lowest paying jobs.   After working there for 3 years I barley made above minimum wage.   It’s not only hard on your mind but it’s hard on your body.   Lifting kids, running after them, constantly moving, defiantly wore me out by the end of the day.   It’s not an easy job and it's often underappreciated.
Out of all the downfalls of working at a daycare I would still recommend the job to anyone.   The good points outweigh all the bad.   It's wonderful to watch the children grow, and experiencing the uniqueness of each child.   It's rewarding to make a difference in someone's life. There are many teachable moments to be shared. Working with young children helps keep you focused on the important things in life.

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