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Dead Man Walking Essay

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In Sister Helen Prejean’s eyes Christian faith and love, is unconditional. It seeks the good of others regardless of their indecent wrongdoing.   In Sister Prejean’s eyes everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equally and also to be a recipient of giving and receiving love and for one’s self absolution.
It is apparent that our Justice system is bound to punish those who have committed brutal acts of terror, violence, and murder? With no pun intended, capital punishment is based on the philosophy of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a life for a life." Sister Prejean’s faith was not for vengeance or punishment, but rather to show mercy even to those who had shown no mercy towards others.

Dead Man Walking is a true story based on how Sister Prejean’s inspiring experience as an advocate deals with a convicted felon, Patrick Sonnier who is on death row for the killing of two teenagers in a Louisiana State Penitentiary.
Sister Helen Prejean came from a loving, affluent Christian home, which has given her the foundation for her faith and caring ideals to work with people.   Sister Prejean’s compassion for those who did not have what she had growing up gives her care needed to work closely with these people and works with them to have them share their thoughts with her.   Sister Prejean’s learning experiences lead her to seek working with criminals, which has opened her eyes to how capital punishment is used wrongly and abused by our judicial system.   During her time working with these convicted felons, she visits Sonnier in prison and agreed to be his spiritual adviser in the months leading up to his death. This experience gave Sister Prejean a greater insight into the process involving the executions and she began speaking out against capital punishment.   During her meetings with Patrick, she creates a relationship of trust, and also finds him to be a caring and open person.   Sister Prejean also meets his brother Eddie, who was with Patrick...

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