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Dear American Medical Association Essay

  • Submitted by: lbessay
  • on December 7, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Dear American Medical Association" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Dear, American Medical Association
I am against taxing soda because it is unfair for many reasons, taxing it is unnecessary, and it will not make a change anything or make a difference. The (AMA) American Medical Association that by taxing soda it will fight obesity in the United States. The first reason this kind of taxing is a bad idea because it is not fair and it is worthless to even consider. The (AMA) thinks that by taxing the product people will consume a lower amount of it, or just stop buying it and that this will fight obesity in adults but mostly children in the United States. Another reason that this kind of taxing is not a good idea is because it is a waist of time. So instead of wasting time in something so worthless it would be a better idea to set up educational programs to help children make healthy and helpful decisions for their health for example eating healthy, and being cautious about what they eat. In addition, the (AMA) should educate parents so they will make healthy choices and buy fruit and vegetables instead of sodas and junk food for their children good health and at that teach their children what’s best. As long as long as soda is for sale parents will buy soda and children will consume it. Of course many companies and some people against soda say that soda should be taxed because it has no nutritional value. This is true, but many snack foods have little nutritional value, and no one is proposing a tax on snake food. In addition, not everyone who drinks soda is overweight or obese. A tax on soda would hurt everyone including healthy adults. The key to helping young adults isn’t taxing them its teaching
Elizabeth Moreno
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Them what good from bad, teaching them what can be is and enjoyed the same way as soda and fat food, teaching them what a real healthy diet is. However, people including parents should decide rather their children or themselves drink soda or not. It is not right for a group of doctors...

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