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Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: megz1724
  • on December 3, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Does the Death Penalty Really Deter Crime?
Does the death penalty prevent future crime? Can the death penalty really prevent others from killing as an example? The power of capital punishment to deter crime has been debated for decades. Over the years, researchers have attempted to add clarity to this debate by analyzing the relationship between the death penalty and murder rates. The one thing most people would agree on is the death penalty is one of the most controversial and divisive issues facing the American public. The idea of deterrence is that by punishing the offender this will prevent others from committing crimes. This paper will focus on the theory of deterrence and as applied to capital punishment, and if it really holds true to preventing people from committing crimes. I will explore my hypotheses, the lack of social structure and security structure that contributes to higher crime rates.
It is important to study and review the theory of deterrence, it’s place in this country and what will happen in the future if it will continue or be discontinued. This can be done by comparing states with and without the death penalty and what happens to their crime rates over a certain time. When researching this topic it was found that, to equalize the rates for all states, only the murder rate was considered. As it is with all states, the death penalty is only used for crimes such as first degree murder. The death penalty is a very interesting area of study it raises many questions about how and why our system is set up the way it is and what it contributes.
The Idea of the Death Penalty Used as a Deterrence
The idea for theory of deterrence, would suggest to the average person the fear of losing their own lives. The deterrent used in the United States is the death penalty for people who murder. This is suppose to in view scare other people from committing other murders. Proponents believe that capital punishment deters crime more effectively that life in...

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