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Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: jallamon
  • on February 28, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Death penalty a deterrent for crime? I believe the death penalty is not a deterrent for crime. In many cases, the people who commit the crimes that would call for the death penalty are not thinking of that when they commit the crime. In most of the cases these people are going to commit the crime no matter what the punishment is. Many of the murders are over drugs, passion, and theft and in many of these cases I am sure the person committing the crime is not in their right mind anyway. In the few cases where the murder is premeditated most people know the chances of actually being put to death are slim to none. Or if they do get put to death it usually takes years to get through all the red tape. Many studies have been completed to determine if death penalty deters violent crime. According to an article in Associated Content, many of the tests are inconclusive. People are murdered in the United States everyday and the number of people actually put to death is small.  
    Why are crime rates high in the United States? Factors such as the economy, money, and geography play a role in crime. A struggling economy has a big impact on crime. Many people are out of work or making less and struggling to make ends meet. Instances like that make people do things they would not typically do. They will do whatever necessary to make ends meet. Many people feel like crime will pay faster. Geography also plays a role in crime. The crime is usually high for burglary, theft, and domestic violence in your higher class neighborhoods. Your lower end communities tend to have the same type of crime and also drug activity and prostitution. Automobile theft as well as belongings from inside vehicles are also high in these areas. People can take the items they manage to get and take them to pawn shops or sell on online sights such as craigslist and Ebay.
    Many foreign countries believe in the death penalty. China is known to carry out the most executions. In 2009, Amnesty...

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